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Wagyu Tongue with Rama Noodles & Baby Pak Choi

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Recipe by Corne Bornman

If you're looking for an easy Wagyu tongue dish to make in the pressure cooker, look no further! This recipe from Corne Bornman, the Ultimate Braai Master, is perfect for a Sunday afternoon feast. I've made a few alterations to the cooking method and added some additional ingredients, but the dish remains true to Bornman's original vision. Enjoy!

This dish is best enjoyed with friends, as the cooking process fills the air with a delicious aroma. By making a few simple changes to the method, you can infuse it with a smoky, braai-like flavor while also adding the benefits of Wagyu Tallow. It is a hearty dish that is full of flavor, has a substantial amount of protein and fat, and is low in carbs. If you are looking for delicious and nutritious, you need not look any further than this Wagyu Tongue dish.

When cooking Wagyu tongue, be sure to season it well. Boil down 1kg of Foods of Tomorrow Wagyu Tallow until it's a golden liquid. Then, fry onion, garlic and your preferred braai spices. Next, place the Wagyu Tongue into the boiling oil... Yes, that's right; we cooked a whole tongue in Wagyu fat for 3 hours!

Stir the Wagyu Tallow frequently to prevent large air bubbles from forming and popping on the bottom of the pot. Take precautions when working with oil to avoid injury.

Borries was cooking the Wagyu Tongue that day, as well as working on three other recipes. He also added vegetables to the Wagyu Osoo Buco, which enhanced the flavor of this dish.

Borries used the leftover Wagyu Osso Buco to create another recipe inside this recipe, which needs credit on its own. More of that later; and filled with a purple cabbage leaf, which was also cooked in the Wagyu Tallow, that complemented this dish perfectly!

It has been a great and eye-opening experience working with Borries, it is like opening a door to opportunity in every ingredient on the table.

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