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Thyme & Black Pepper Crusted Wagyu Tri-Tip

Updated: Apr 5

Recipe by Luan van Niekerk, aka Vlakvark, winner of the @Oppieplaas Wagyu Trip-tip competition. 11 March 2023

This rare and delicious treasure is way underappreciated, and most-likely unknown. The Wagyu Tri-Tp is well marbled, it has a very high fat content and is very soft and full-full of juicy flavours. This recipe, done by Luan van Niekerk, aka Vlakvak took us all by surprise when he won the Wagyu cooking competition! One of 6 recipes with a marble score 8 Wagyu cut. The acclaimed chef and Braaifluencer showed us how to do fine dining in a matter of minutes on a presentable chopping board, chimichurri across the side, couscous, black pepper cream and thickly sliced Wagyu Tri-Tip spread out in the center. Enjoy!

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