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Foods of Tomorrow is exactly what our name suggests. We seek opportunities, jump on trends and formulate our own recipes to develop niche, unique and quite inventive products that will form the habits, diet and routine for tomorrow. Hence, we hopped onto the Wagyu bandwagon. We are an orthodox crowd who does everything from start to finish, from sourcing to packaging. Ensuring every product runs through the founders OCD quality control process :)

We partnered with Deja Nienaber from King Wagyu, an expert in Wagyu genetics, breeding, feeding and marketing of this niche product. Her inspiration to create a Wagyu Cook Book combined with our eagerness to see this idea come to life, we created an online Cook Book where chefs, foodies, suppliers and pioneers in the Wagyu industry come together to share their recipes and make their products used for their recipes available on our online store.

Always inspired, just ask our mother.
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